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Victor Farazdagi

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10 Jan 2015

Vim as Go language IDE

Go is amazingly enjoyable language. Experience with it will be even greater once major IDE providers (yes, JetBrains I am looking at you!) start producing full-fledged Golang IDEs (instead of somewhat limited plugins). Before that happens, you are stuck with assembling a good toolset manually, so let’s do just that, for Vim!
16 Oct 2014

REST and long-running jobs

This article describes a proper way to handle (asynchronously) a long-running job creation in the RESTful API.
15 Nov 2013

Weighted Interval Scheduling

In this entry we will dive into the world of dynamic programming, by looking at one of the most simplest yet illustrative algorithmic problems, namely the problem of Interval Scheduling. We will start with special case of unweighted interval scheduling, and then elaborate from there into a more general case of weighted intervals.