Victor Farazdagi

Victor Farazdagi

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01 Jul 2020

SoK: Attestation Aggregation Algorithms

In order to increase profitability, attestations must be aggregated in a way to cover as many individual attestors as possible. Let’s explore the ways to do such an aggregation.
15 Dec 2018

Practice Problem: Sparse Subgraph

Yet another NP-Completeness practice problem. This time from Graph Theory.
14 Dec 2018

Practice Problem: Almost-SAT

If you are reviewing Theory of Computation, here is a nice and simple example of NP-Completeness proof.
18 Sep 2016

Using SSH private keys securely when building Docker images

It is quite common situation when you are building Docker images: some secret value/file is needed (temporary, for the duration of the build), and you are puzzled how to pass it w/o over-exposing, and make it accessible down the road, when the image becomes publicly available.
02 Sep 2015

Bitonic Sort in Go

In this post I will look into multi-core programming using Go. The language is good for concurrency, and handles multi-core parallel execution really well too. As a practical exercise Bitonic Sorter will be implemented. We will test the code on 8-core machine to see what benefit can parallelism provide.