18 Sep, 2016

Using SSH private keys securely when building Docker images

It is quite common situation when you are building Docker images: some secret value/file is needed (temporary, for the duration of the build), and you are puzzled how to pass it w/o over-exposing, and make it accessible down the road, when the image becomes publicly available.

docker recipe
2 Sep, 2015

Bitonic Sort in Go

In this post I will look into multi-core programming using Go. The language is good for concurrency, and handles multi-core parallel execution really well too. As a practical exercise Bitonic Sorter will be implemented. We will test the code on 8-core machine to see what benefit can parallelism provide.

golang algorithms bitonic sort sorting networks
10 Jan, 2015

Vim as Go language IDE

Go is amazingly enjoyable language. Experience with it will be even greater once major IDE providers (yes, JetBrains I am looking at you!) start producing full-fledged Golang IDEs (instead of somewhat limited plugins). Before that happens, you are stuck with assembling a good toolset manually, so let’s do just that, for Vim!

vim tools golang
16 Oct, 2014

REST and long-running jobs

This article describes a proper way to handle (asynchronously) a long-running job creation in the RESTful API.

22 Mar, 2014

EuroPython 2014 Proposal Review Process

Whether you are a novice Python programmer, or a guru with several solid projects under your belt the EuroPython conference is the event you want to attend. This year I decided to submit my talk proposal, and as other proposal authors got invited to participate in peer review of submitted talks. As the first review round is complete, I wanted to share my experience with you (+ some stats on currently accepted/rejected proposals).

python community talks
16 Mar, 2014

See you at Dutch PHP Conference 2014

I am happy to announce that I will present a tutorial session at this year’s Dutch PHP Conference. That’s not only a tremendous opportunity to meet brilliant people and share your insights, but you can do all that and have a lot of fun along the way! I strongly believe that DPC is one of the best, if not the best, conferences for PHP community member to attend. If you are free on June 26-28, consider joining us at DPC’14!

php community DPC talks
13 Jan, 2014

In search for the perfect IDE: replacing Vim with JetBrains IDE

I have used Vim for more than 3 years. But starting some two weeks ago I switched to JetBrains IDE products (PhpStorm and PyCharm). In this post I will try to present my reasoning, and try to argument why you also can be better of by switching from Vim.

coding productivity
25 Dec, 2013

I got accepted to Georgia Tech!

Earlier this month, after a long wait, I got accepted to Georgia Tech’s Online Master of Science in CS program. I also considered UIUC professional Master’s program, but now decided to go with the Tech.

20 Nov, 2013

Phrozn project gets a new lead developer

The Phrozn project started as PHP alternative to static site generators available in other languages (Jekyll, Hyde etc). It quickly become relatively popular tool with 17 contributors, 350+ watchers and 50+ forks on GitHub. The project deserved way more attention than I could have given to it, so I decided to transfer project to another maintainer.

php phrozn
15 Nov, 2013

Weighted Interval Scheduling

In this entry we will dive into the world of dynamic programming, by looking at one of the most simplest yet illustrative algorithmic problems, namely the problem of Interval Scheduling. We will start with special case of unweighted interval scheduling, and then elaborate from there into a more general case of weighted intervals.

dynamic programming algorithms
10 Nov, 2013

The first entry in my new blog

Hello dear readers (all four of them)!